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Gifts £10.00 and Under

Make the gift extra special and choose "Gift Wrap" at checkout.  We will carefully wrap in beautiful colourful tissue & raffia.

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Marseille Soap - VetiverMarseille Soap - Vetiver
Marseille Soap - Vetiver Sale price£4.50
Marseille Soap - Bois du SantalMarseille Soap - Bois du Santal
Block Print Covered Notebook - BlueBlock Print Covered Notebook - Blue
Ceramic Spoon - Pale BlueCeramic Spoon - Pale Blue
Ceramic Spoon - Pale Blue Sale price£5.50
Square Matchbox -  Cheetah BlackSquare Matchbox -  Cheetah Black
Ceramic Spoon -  LimeCeramic Spoon -  Lime
Ceramic Spoon - Lime Sale price£5.50
Sold outElephant Hook Small - Dark BlueElephant Hook Small - Dark Blue
Elephant Hook Small - Pale BlueElephant Hook Small - Pale Blue
Elephant Hook Small - GreenElephant Hook Small - Green
Ceramic Spoon - OrangeCeramic Spoon - Orange
Ceramic Spoon - Orange Sale price£5.50
Ceramic Spoon -  Navy BlueCeramic Spoon -  Navy Blue
Ceramic Spoon - Navy Blue Sale price£5.50
Ceramic Spoon - RedCeramic Spoon - Red
Ceramic Spoon - Red Sale price£5.50
Block Print Covered Notebook - PinkBlock Print Covered Notebook - Pink
Napkin Ring - Sage GreenNapkin Ring - Sage Green
Napkin Ring - Sage Green Sale price£10.00
Ceramic Spoon - TurquoiseCeramic Spoon - Turquoise
Ceramic Spoon - Turquoise Sale price£5.50
Marseille Soap - Huille de OliveMarseille Soap - Huille de Olive
Napkin Ring - Pale PinkNapkin Ring - Pale Pink
Napkin Ring - Pale Pink Sale price£10.00
Napkin Ring - SunflowerNapkin Ring - Sunflower
Napkin Ring - Sunflower Sale price£10.00
Napkin Ring - TangerineNapkin Ring - Tangerine
Napkin Ring - Tangerine Sale price£10.00
Elephant Hook Small - RedElephant Hook Small - Red
Elephant Hook Small - Red Sale price£9.00
Block Print Covered Notebook - GreenBlock Print Covered Notebook - Green
Napkin Ring - Pale BlueNapkin Ring - Pale Blue
Napkin Ring - Pale Blue Sale price£10.00
Napkin Ring - TurquoiseNapkin Ring - Turquoise
Napkin Ring - Turquoise Sale price£10.00
Ceramic Spoon - Pink with Green FlowerCeramic Spoon - Pink with Green Flower
Napkin Ring - RaspberryNapkin Ring - Raspberry
Napkin Ring - Raspberry Sale price£10.00
Elephant Hook Small -OrangeElephant Hook Small -Orange
Napkin Ring - Berry RedNapkin Ring - Berry Red
Napkin Ring - Berry Red Sale price£10.00
Sold outSquare Matchbox - SunflowerSquare Matchbox - Sunflower
Ceramic Spoon - White with Little Orange FlowerCeramic Spoon - White with Little Orange Flower
Square Matchbox - Love HeartSquare Matchbox - Love Heart
Everyday Egg Cup - PinkEveryday Egg Cup - Pink
Everyday Egg Cup - Pink Sale price£10.00
Square Matchbox - Just LoveSquare Matchbox - Just Love
Everyday Egg Cup - RedEveryday Egg Cup - Red
Everyday Egg Cup - Red Sale price£10.00
Square Matchbox - Puppy Love
Square Matchbox - Loving Bears
Square Matchbox - Partridge
Square Matchbox - The Bee
Square Matchbox - The Bee Sale price£8.00
Square Matchbox - Grizzly Bear
Square Matchbox - Red Tiger
Square Matchbox - The Cyclist
Square Matchbox - Night Scene
Square Matchbox - 2 Tigers
Square Matchbox - The Whale
Square Matchbox - Two Elephants
Square Matchbox - Made With Love
Square Matchbox - Miracle Matches