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Our colourful hand painted ceramics are created exclusively for us by skilled artisans at Potterswork in South Africa. Potterswork is a creative hub, where artists, inspired by the rich flora and vibrant wildlife of the Cape, can flourish in a safe and supportive environment. Thirty artists now work together at Potterswork, creating their bold colourful tableware. These are delicious, impactful, practical ceramics to be loved, cherished, mixed and matched and used everyday!

 GOING GREEN: BRAVO! Potterswork has just taken a momentous step and is now proudly one of the first ceramic studios in South Africa to have changed over to renewable energy. Continuous load shedding meant there was insufficient electricity to fire their kilns. The ramifications severely jeopardised their business- with regular 2-4 hour stints where their power was turned off, they were unable to fire their kilns for the unbroken 10-12 hours required. They have now secured financial backing and have now installed solar panels. As we write this, they are on their second firing and production has gone extremely well. Many congratulations to Potterswork for overcoming such a challenging situation. We could not be more delighted for you all.

Eliza, Anna and Claire x