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Gifts £20.00 and Under

Make the gift extra special and choose "Gift Wrap" at checkout.  We will carefully wrap in beautiful colourful tissue & raffia.

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Hot Pink Candle (price per candle)
Candle Bundle - RainbowCandle Bundle - Rainbow
Candle Bundle - Rainbow Sale price£18.00
Salma Candlestick - LimeSalma Candlestick - Lime
Salma Candlestick - Lime Sale price£16.00
Salma Candlestick - ClearSalma Candlestick - Clear
Salma Candlestick - Clear Sale price£16.00
Salma Candlestick - BlueSalma Candlestick - Blue
Salma Candlestick - Blue Sale price£16.00
Candle Bundle - Like Your GreensCandle Bundle - Like Your Greens
Heather Purple Candle (price per candle)Heather Purple Candle (price per candle)
Ivory Candle (price per candle)
Candle Bundle - Summer LovingCandle Bundle - Summer Loving
Candle Bundle - Indian SpringCandle Bundle - Indian Spring
Salma Candlestick StarSalma Candlestick Star
Salma Candlestick Star Sale price£17.50
Candle Bundle - Hot StuffCandle Bundle - Hot Stuff
Candle Bundle - Hot Stuff Sale price£18.00
Cerise Candle (price per candle)
Candle Bundle - SunshineCandle Bundle - Sunshine
Candle Bundle - Sunshine Sale price£18.00
Candle Bundle - Cool BreezeCandle Bundle - Cool Breeze
Candle Bundle - Cool Breeze Sale price£18.00
Brush Pot - Gentle PinkBrush Pot - Gentle Pink
Brush Pot - Gentle Pink Sale price£15.00
Candle Bundle - Route 66Candle Bundle - Route 66
Candle Bundle - Route 66 Sale price£18.00
Sold outBrush Pot - Deep Pink
Brush Pot - Deep Pink Sale price£15.00
Brush Pot- White And BlueBrush Pot- White And Blue
Brush Pot- White And Blue Sale price£15.00
Fabric Hair Scrunchies- Set Of 3 Blue & Green ScrunchiesFabric Hair Scrunchies- Set Of 3 Blue & Green Scrunchies
Khaki Candle (price is per candle)
Candle Bundle - MoorlandCandle Bundle - Moorland
Candle Bundle - Moorland Sale price£18.00
Brush Pot- BlueBrush Pot- Blue
Brush Pot- Blue Sale price£15.00
Fox Grey Candle (Price per candle)
Two Elephant Hook - BluesTwo Elephant Hook - Blues
Two Elephant Hook - Blues Sale price£12.00
Block Print Covered Notebook - BlueBlock Print Covered Notebook - Blue
Ceramic Spoon - Pale BlueCeramic Spoon - Pale Blue
Ceramic Spoon - Pale Blue Sale price£5.50
Two Elephant Hook - PinksTwo Elephant Hook - Pinks
Two Elephant Hook - Pinks Sale price£12.00
Square Matchbox -  Cheetah BlackSquare Matchbox -  Cheetah Black
Brush Pot- Lilac
Brush Pot- Lilac Sale price£15.00
Square Matchbox -  Cheetah GreenSquare Matchbox -  Cheetah Green
Small Matchbox Holder - BerrySmall Matchbox Holder - Berry
Three Elephant Hook - PinkThree Elephant Hook - Pink
Three Elephant Hook - Pink Sale price£15.00
Candle Bundle - Rosie AppleCandle Bundle - Rosie Apple
Candle Bundle - Rosie Apple Sale price£18.00
Ceramic Spoon -  LimeCeramic Spoon -  Lime
Ceramic Spoon - Lime Sale price£5.50
Brush Pot- Dusty Blue
Brush Pot- Dusty Blue Sale price£15.00
Three Elephant Hook - GreenThree Elephant Hook - Green
Three Elephant Hook - Green Sale price£15.00
Sold outElephant Hook Small - Dark BlueElephant Hook Small - Dark Blue
Ceramic Spoon - JasperCeramic Spoon - Jasper
Ceramic Spoon - Jasper Sale price£5.50
Brush Pot- RedBrush Pot- Red
Brush Pot- Red Sale price£15.00
Square Matchbox -  Country PileSquare Matchbox -  Country Pile
Small Matchbox Holder - TurquoiseSmall Matchbox Holder - Turquoise
Two Elephant Hook - GreenTwo Elephant Hook - Green
Two Elephant Hook - Green Sale price£12.00
Elephant Hook Small - Pale BlueElephant Hook Small - Pale Blue
Fabric Hair Scrunchies- Set Of 3 Pinks ScrunchiesFabric Hair Scrunchies- Set Of 3 Pinks Scrunchies
Sold outCeramic Spoon - White with Blue FlowerCeramic Spoon - White with Blue Flower
Ceramic Spoon - OrangeCeramic Spoon - Orange
Ceramic Spoon - Orange Sale price£5.50
Ceramic Spoon -  Navy BlueCeramic Spoon -  Navy Blue
Ceramic Spoon - Navy Blue Sale price£5.50
Elephant Hook Small - GreenElephant Hook Small - Green
Ceramic Spoon - RedCeramic Spoon - Red
Ceramic Spoon - Red Sale price£5.50