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All our inlay items are beautiful, colourful additions for your home. This timeless intricate art of bone inlay is a traditional craft, passed down through the generations. Its origins lay with the first Maharajas, who used bone inlay techniques to adorn the furniture in their palaces. Now practiced in communities across Udaipur, Jodhpur and Jaipur, this is an art unique to India. The process is intricate and the patterns on our inlay boxes, trays and mirrors are created using discarded bones from animals including buffalo and camels who have died naturally. Our partner artisans in Udaipur meticulously create our collections and each bone inlay item can take up to a month to make. The process involves 3 stages: firstly the bone fragments are carefully carved in to the required shapes of the pattern chosen- this often includes leaves and flowers. A separate team of artisans create the products wooden frames or structures. The bone design pieces are then carefully placed on to the wooden bases and coloured resin is then added, using a spatula, to create the bold background colour.

The items are left to dry in the hot Indian sunshine and once dried will be polished and finished, ready to be shipped to us in Northumberland.