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Soap Dishes & Soap

Soap Dishes & Soap

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Soap Dish - JasparSoap Dish - Jaspar
Soap Dish - Jaspar Sale price£20.00
Soap Dish - Pale BlueSoap Dish - Pale Blue
Soap Dish - Pale Blue Sale price£20.00
Soap Dish - Pink and LimeSoap Dish - Pink and Lime
Soap Dish - Pink and Lime Sale price£20.00
Soap Dish - Dark BlueSoap Dish - Dark Blue
Soap Dish - Dark Blue Sale price£20.00
Soap Dish - White, Blue and Green
Soap Dish - Lime Green
Soap Dish - Lime Green Sale price£20.00
Marble Lotus Flower DishMarble Lotus Flower Dish
Marble Lotus Flower Dish Sale price£21.50
Marseille Soap - EglantineMarseille Soap - Eglantine
Marseille Soap - Huille de OliveMarseille Soap - Huille de Olive
Marseille Soap - MarineMarseille Soap - Marine
Marseille Soap - Marine Sale price£4.50
Marseille Soap - PatchouliMarseille Soap - Patchouli
Marseille Soap - VetiverMarseille Soap - Vetiver
Marseille Soap - Vetiver Sale price£4.50