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Colourful, hand crafted tableware for your beautiful home.  Elevate your table with our candles and glittering glass candlesticks and drape your table in our beautiful block print tablecloths.

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Lavender Candle (price per candle)
Salma Candlestick - Pale BlueSalma Candlestick - Pale Blue
Ochre Candle (price is per candle)
Mint Green Candle (price is per candle)
Light Grey Candle (price per candle)
Dusty Pink Candle (price per candle)
Salma Candlestick - The Whole GangSalma Candlestick - The Whole Gang
Orange Candle (price per candle)
Navy Blue Candle (price is per candle)
Khaki Candle (price is per candle)
Ivory Candle (price per candle)
Salma Candlestick - BlueSalma Candlestick - Blue
Salma Candlestick - Blue Sale price£16.00
Salma Candlestick- Hot PinkSalma Candlestick- Hot Pink
Salma Candlestick- Hot Pink Sale price£16.00
Heather Purple Candle (price per candle)Heather Purple Candle (price per candle)
Egg Cups Set Of 4 White & BlueEgg Cups Set Of 4 White & Blue
Sold outEggs Cups Set Of 4 GreensEggs Cups Set Of 4 Greens
Eggs Cups Set Of 4 Greens Sale price£38.00
Waterlily Mug - LimeWaterlily Mug - Lime
Waterlily Mug - Lime Sale price£25.50
Salma Candlestick - ClearSalma Candlestick - Clear
Salma Candlestick - Clear Sale price£16.00
Salma Candlestick - OrangeSalma Candlestick - Orange
Salma Candlestick - Orange Sale price£16.00
Salma Candlestick - YellowSalma Candlestick - Yellow
Salma Candlestick - Yellow Sale price£16.00
Salma Candlestick - LimeSalma Candlestick - Lime
Salma Candlestick - Lime Sale price£16.00
Salma Candlestick - Pale PinkSalma Candlestick - Pale Pink
Salma Candlestick - PurpleSalma Candlestick - Purple
Salma Candlestick - Purple Sale price£16.00
Salma Candlestick - TurquoiseSalma Candlestick - Turquoise
Candle Bundle - RainbowCandle Bundle - Rainbow
Candle Bundle - Rainbow Sale price£18.00
Candle Bundle - SunshineCandle Bundle - Sunshine
Candle Bundle - Sunshine Sale price£18.00
Candle Bundle - Indian SpringCandle Bundle - Indian Spring
Chapati Rollers - A Pair Of Vintage Chapati RollersChapati Rollers - A Pair Of Vintage Chapati Rollers
Candle Bundle - Like Your GreensCandle Bundle - Like Your Greens
Hobnail Water Jug - Light GreenHobnail Water Jug - Light Green
Hobnail Water Jug - Light BlueHobnail Water Jug - Light Blue
Hobnail Water Jug - RoseHobnail Water Jug - Rose
Hobnail Water Jug - Rose Sale price£109.00
Summer Green Candle (price is per candle)
Pale Blue Candle (price per candle)
Red Candle (price per candle)
Hot Pink Candle (price per candle)
Sunshine Yellow Candle (price is per candle)
Turquoise Candle (price per candle)
Petrol Blue Candle (price per candle)
Fox Grey Candle (Price per candle)
Lime Candle (price per candle)
NEW IN: Hobnail Water Jug- Deep Blue & GoldNEW IN: Hobnail Water Jug- Deep Blue & Gold
Pom Pom Napkin RingPom Pom Napkin Ring
Pom Pom Napkin Ring Sale price£9.50
Cerise Candle (price per candle)
Olive Candle (price per candle)
Candle Bundle - Rosie AppleCandle Bundle - Rosie Apple
Candle Bundle - Rosie Apple Sale price£18.00
Candle Bundle - Ochre GloryCandle Bundle - Ochre Glory
Candle Bundle - Ochre Glory Sale price£15.00
Candle Bundle - MoorlandCandle Bundle - Moorland
Candle Bundle - Moorland Sale price£18.00
Sold outTweeling Ramekin - OrangeTweeling Ramekin - Orange
Tweeling Ramekin - Orange Sale price£16.00
Ceramic Spoon - Pale BlueCeramic Spoon - Pale Blue
Ceramic Spoon - Pale Blue Sale price£5.50