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Elevate your bathroom with our eclectic range of bathroom accessories.  From block print bath mats to painted toothbrush holders, hooks, soap dishes and soap.  Indulge yourself or treat someone else to our colourful range selected just for you.

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Marseille Soap - VetiverMarseille Soap - Vetiver
Marseille Soap - Vetiver Sale price£4.50
Brush Pot - Gentle PinkBrush Pot - Gentle Pink
Brush Pot - Gentle Pink Sale price£15.00
Marseille Soap - MarineMarseille Soap - Marine
Marseille Soap - Marine Sale price£4.50
Fabric Hair Scrunchies- Set Of 3 Blue & Green ScrunchiesFabric Hair Scrunchies- Set Of 3 Blue & Green Scrunchies
Marble Lotus Flower DishMarble Lotus Flower Dish
Marble Lotus Flower Dish Sale price£21.50
Marseille Soap - EglantineMarseille Soap - Eglantine
Sold outSave 60%Two Elephant Hook - PinksTwo Elephant Hook - Pinks
Two Elephant Hook - Pinks Sale price£4.80 Regular price£12.00
Marseille Soap - PatchouliMarseille Soap - Patchouli
Brush Pot- Lilac
Brush Pot- Lilac Sale price£15.00
Large Hankies - Blues
Large Hankies - Blues Sale price£25.00
Save 60%Three Elephant Hook - GreenThree Elephant Hook - Green
Three Elephant Hook - Green Sale price£6.00 Regular price£15.00
Brush Pot- Dusty Blue & Pink FlowerBrush Pot- Dusty Blue & Pink Flower
Save 60%Two Elephant Hook - GreenTwo Elephant Hook - Green
Two Elephant Hook - Green Sale price£4.80 Regular price£12.00
Brush Pot- RedBrush Pot- Red
Brush Pot- Red Sale price£15.00
Wash Bag Spring FloralWash Bag Spring Floral
Wash Bag Spring Floral Sale priceFrom £18.50
Sold outSave 60%Decorative Tissue Box Cover - BlueDecorative Tissue Box Cover - Blue
Decorative Tissue Box Cover - Blue Sale price£24.80 Regular price£62.00
Fabric Hair Scrunchies- Set Of 3 Pinks ScrunchiesFabric Hair Scrunchies- Set Of 3 Pinks Scrunchies
Sold outSave 60%Elephant Hook Small - Pale PinkElephant Hook Small - Pale Pink
Elephant Hook Small - Pale Pink Sale price£3.60 Regular price£9.00
Large Hankies - Mix
Large Hankies - Mix Sale price£25.00
Marseille Soap - Huille de OliveMarseille Soap - Huille de Olive
Wash Bag Spring Pink RetroWash Bag Spring Pink Retro
Wash Bag Spring Pink Retro Sale priceFrom £18.50
Brush Pot - Deep NavyBrush Pot - Deep Navy
Brush Pot - Deep Navy Sale price£15.00
Sold outSave 60%Elephant Hook Small - RedElephant Hook Small - Red
Elephant Hook Small - Red Sale price£3.60 Regular price£9.00
Brush Pot Set - Set 5Brush Pot Set - Set 5
Brush Pot Set - Set 5 Sale price£43.00
Hankies - BluesHankies - Blues
Hankies - Blues Sale priceFrom £21.00
Sold outSave 60%Elephant Hook Small -OrangeElephant Hook Small -Orange
Elephant Hook Small -Orange Sale price£3.60 Regular price£9.00
Soap Dish - JasparSoap Dish - Jaspar
Soap Dish - Jaspar Sale price£20.00
Hankies - Soft PinksHankies - Soft Pinks
Hankies - Soft Pinks Sale priceFrom £21.00
Wash Bag Deep Green Cotton FlowerWash Bag Deep Green Cotton Flower
Wash Bag Deep Green Cotton Flower Sale priceFrom £18.50
Wash Bag Blue RetroWash Bag Blue Retro
Wash Bag Blue Retro Sale priceFrom £18.50
Soap Dish - White and PinkSoap Dish - White and Pink
Soap Dish - White and Pink Sale price£19.00
Brush Pot Set -  Set 1Brush Pot Set -  Set 1
Brush Pot Set - Set 1 Sale price£43.00
Wash Bag White & BerryWash Bag White & Berry
Wash Bag White & Berry Sale priceFrom £18.50
Large Hankies - Reds
Large Hankies - Reds Sale price£25.00
Wash Bag Blue FlowerWash Bag Blue Flower
Wash Bag Blue Flower Sale priceFrom £18.50
Soap Dish - White, Blue and Green
Soap Dish - Pink and LimeSoap Dish - Pink and Lime
Soap Dish - Pink and Lime Sale price£20.00
Tissue Box - Pink and Blue Dot Block PrintTissue Box - Pink and Blue Dot Block Print
Hankies - Greens & BluesHankies - Greens & Blues
Hankies - Greens & Blues Sale priceFrom £21.00
Wash Bag LimeWash Bag Lime
Wash Bag Lime Sale priceFrom £18.50
Soap Dish - Dark BlueSoap Dish - Dark Blue
Soap Dish - Dark Blue Sale price£20.00
Soap Dish - Pale BlueSoap Dish - Pale Blue
Soap Dish - Pale Blue Sale price£20.00
Wash Bag ZinniaWash Bag Zinnia
Wash Bag Zinnia Sale priceFrom £18.50
Brush Pot Set - Set 4Brush Pot Set - Set 4
Brush Pot Set - Set 4 Sale price£43.00
Soap Dish - Lime Green
Soap Dish - Lime Green Sale price£20.00
Brush Pot Set - Set 3Brush Pot Set - Set 3
Brush Pot Set - Set 3 Sale price£43.00
Brush Pot Set - Set 2Brush Pot Set - Set 2
Brush Pot Set - Set 2 Sale price£43.00