PALE: Natural Lidded Laundry Basket


Smarten your laundry room and bring a little joy to laundry day with the stunning PALE laundry hamper - woven by hand on the shores of Lake Turkana in North Western Kenya. These lidded laundry baskets are structurally robust and aesthetically pleasing. This collection comes in three sizes.

These laundry baskets have travelled from the shores of the Jade Sea on a bold journey of sustainable craft and ethical production. 

In 1992, a Catholic charity started up a basketry craft project in Turkana to help combat the effects of long-term marginalisation, poor infrastructure and weak integration with the wider Kenyan economy.  Today, 300 women from six local villages weave baskets here as a means of income.

For many of these weavers, weaving these laundry baskets means the difference between paying school fees and not. 



S: DIA: 40cm | H: 40cm
M: DIA: 45cm | H: 45cm
L: DIA: 50cm | H: 50cm

Please note, as this is a handmade product, dimensions & colour may vary from those shown in the photographs.


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